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The plastic plant boom: here’s how to grow the real thing – for beauty, better air and biodiversity | Life and style

Sales of plastic hedges, shrubs and lawns are rising rapidly, but they are bad for the environment and not necessarily low-maintenance or low-cost

‘There are some very convincing plastic plants now.’
Photograph: JaCrispy/Alamy Stock Photo

Low-maintenance, evergreen lushness and an instant garden – it is easy to see why the sale of plastic plants is bursting into life.
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How to grow oyster mushrooms at home | Alys Fowler | Life and style

Fungi are the perfect solution for slightly damp, shady city gardens, or that spot under a tree where nothing grows.This is a dedicated form of gardening that needs to be studied; I suggest you start with Home-grown Mushrooms From Scratch: A Practical Guide To Growing Mushrooms Outside And Indoors, by Magdalena and Herbert Wurth, a comprehensive guide to everything from oyster mushrooms to medicinal reishi.