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How much does it cost to buy a shipping container swimming pool?

The renovation industry is an exciting place to be right now. Recent innovations have ushered in new trends that allow people to do more with less.

Today, there’s a movement towards cost-effective, sustainable, and upcycled materials. The shipping container trend is at the forefront of that movement—with everything from shipping container homes, offices, restaurants, and now… shipping container swimming pools.

This trend is gaining traction, especially in Australia. Tiger Containers tells us that “you can install a shipping container pool at the (sic) fraction of the cost and get the full benefits of a regular pool”. So let’s take a look at container pools and some great ideas for your pool DIY.

What is a shipping container pool?

As the name implies, shipping container pools are made out of new or recycled shipping containers, which are large rectangular containers used to transport cargo.

As the name implies, shipping container pools are made out of new or recycled shipping containers, which are large rectangular containers used to transport cargo.

According to Little Pools, the shipping container pool trend actually originated in Sydney due to the rising costs of living in the city. These containers are compact and space-saving, making it a great option for people with minimal spaces that can’t accommodate a traditional pool. This, plus its relatively low cost, are making it popular across the country, especially in up-and-coming cities like Melbourne and Perth.

Shipping container pools are cheaper and easier to outfit than regular points. Due to their modular nature, they can be built offsite and installed wherever it is needed. You don’t even need to dig up your backyard to have on, although in-ground installations are common as well.

Paul Absalom, director of Brightwood Property Group, says that he saved 70% by investing in a shipping container pool rather than a traditional concrete pool.

Pools made from freight containers are quite flexible in terms of design. There are many different ways to decorate it and personalize it for your home.

Lastly, it’s a wonderful way to repurpose unused or second-hand shipping containers (which there are a lot of in Australia). Buying used containers is a more eco-friendly alternative to having a swimming pool constructed from scratch.

How do you get one?

Thanks to its rising popularity, you can buy pre-made shipping container swimming pools from many different manufacturers. One of the pioneers, aptly called Shipping Container Pools, has a patented pool design that comes in two sizes.

The basic 6m model costs $24,900, but you can also buy a 12m pool or purchase add-on options like heating systems, thermal pool covers, or additional LED lights. Also included in the price are a wooden deck, the filtration system, stairs, and a child-proof gate.

All you have to do is go to the website, pick out the specs you want, and send in an order. It’s instant, hassle-free, and quite inexpensive compared to regular pool installations.

Most shipping pool container companies allow you to choose different sizes, pool colours, and fittings. But due to its design, shipping containers are pretty limited to long rectangles. You also mostly get the same corrugated steel look that all shipping containers have. If you want more flexibility, you might want to go DIY.

The great thing about buying a shipping pool container is that these are virtually plug-and-play. Many models are fully portable, allowing a quick install for above-ground pools in just a couple hours. Overall, shipping container pools are sustainable, smart, and 100% safe.

How do you build, line, and install a shipping container pool?

While buying a pre-built shipping container swimming pool is comparable or even cheaper than regular pools, there’s another way to save even more money.

Creating a beautiful DIY shipping container pool at home is within your reach. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Talk to your local council about what permits you need to acquire or specifications you need to adhere to. If you can already provide the measurements (depth, height, etc.) as well as any design modifications you plan to make, all the better.
  • According to Gibson Building; “Installation on site will require a suitable base in the form of a concrete slab, crushed rock base, or a perimeter footing system.”
  • Enlist the services of a professional structural engineer. They will ensure that your pool design/construction is able to handle regular wear and tear, temperature changes, natural elements, and water pressure.
  • Source the shipping container and pool liner from a reputable company. Pick a size and height that falls within your council-approved project limitations. Most shipping containers are in the $2000-4000 range. If the container isn’t the right height or needs to be merged with another one, they can be cut and welded together by a professional.
  • Make the shipping container waterproof both inside and out. Weld some watertight steel around the container and rust-proof both the interior and exterior. Apply marine-grade epoxy as a sealant.
  • Hook up the plumbing and filtration systems. You may need to hire a plumber for this since waterworks can be a complex job. You will also need to connect it to a power source for water pumping.

Ideas for your shipping container pool design

1. Deck it out

If your home is overlooking a beautiful landscape, then an extended deck and container pool are a no-brainer. You’ll get a great view of the surrounding area that would be impossible with a traditional pool setup.

2. Loud and clear

This shipping container pool was used in an old Tommy Hilfiger campaign, but you can achieve the same look. Cut out panels from the container and outfit it with glass and wood panelling for an aquarium feel. You can copy what they did and only customize half of the container, or you can go all out and apply the design to the whole length of the pool.

3. Back to nature

This DIY shipping container swimming pool idea is a great example of just how versatile and exquisite a container pool can be. The clear and bright pool colour contrasts well with the rich greens of the surrounding area and the deep bluish-greys of the pebbles. With the right materials, you too can make your container pool look like a natural pond in your backyard.

4. Wooden dreams

The perfect backyard accessory to add rustic charm, a wood-decked shipping container pool complements any home. Plus, if you’re not a fan of the industrial aesthetic of a plain shipping container, this is a good way to jazz it up.

5. DIY jacuzzi

Shipping containers usually come in rectangles, but they can come in squares too! A square container is the perfect size and shape for an at-home jacuzzi. Install a heating system and some water jets, and you’re all ready to go.

6. Indoor lap pool

Get your early morning workout in the most refreshing way. An indoor lap pool made out of a shipping container is a wonderful way to cool off no matter what the weather.

Not only is a shipping container swimming pool unique, but it’s also affordable, easy to install, and customizable to your tastes. A container pool just might be the outdoor decor solution you’ve been looking for.