Then kill off the tiny black flies around houseplants, and visit Special Plants nursery near Bath

Gardening tips: plant a bee balm | Life and style
Bee balm makes great cut flowers. Photograph: Alamy

Plant this If you have moist soil, bee balm (Monarda didyma) is great. This mint relative makes great cut flowers, and its aromatic foliage a delicious tea. The flowers range from white to purple: try ‘Violet Queen’ or bright red ‘Squaw’ – both are reputed to be resistant to powdery mildew. Height and spread: 1m x 70cm.

Treat this Ever wondered about the tiny black flies that float about your houseplants? They’re fungus gnats, aka sciarid flies, and September is their peak season. Ease off on watering, as their larvae in pots love damp soil, and apply nematode worms (£12.50, to kill them off.

Visit this Special Plants near Bath is a treasure trove of a nursery created by plantswoman Derry Watkins. Every Tuesday until the end of October Watkins opens her garden to visitors, with a talk at 11am. Entrance is £5 (