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It’s high time fuchsias were back in fashion | James Wong | Life and style

Genetically diverse fuchsias are hardy, versatile and beautiful – and well worth rediscovering

Ring my bell: flowers that used to swamp 80s hanging baskets have been replaced with Fuchsia magellanica.Photograph: Tracy Immordino/Alamy Stock Photo

When it comes to horticultural fashion, it would be hard to pick a group of plants quite so resolutely in the style doldrums as fuchsias.
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This is how many plants you need per room according to science

The fact that plants have a positive effect on their immediate environment and our wellbeing is one that has been proved by scientific research, but not everyone knows the exact amount of plants they need per room in order to maximise those effects.Considering Australians are now spending around 90 per cent of our time indoors, ensuring our working and living environment has a positive impact on our health is now more important than ever.