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Krystyna Gaffney obituary | Education

Krystyna Gaffney ‘had a wildness that she never lost’

My aunt, Krystyna Gaffney, who has died of a brain aneurysm aged 64, worked in the examinations department at Newcastle University for 25 years.She went on to study biological science at the University of East Anglia where she met the love of her life – Paul Gaffney, a tall, softly spoken Geordie with a mop of dark curls.
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Vegan ramen recipe | House & Garden

The noodle most commonly paired with curry in Japan is udon, which is nice, but personally I’d like to see a lot more curry ramen, starting with this one.I think the viscosity of Japanese curry broth makes it a natural partner for ramen, which is usually served with meaty broths that have a lot of body from fat and collagen.
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How to grow sweet peas

If you want to have sweet pea flowers from early spring until late summer it's worth planting two batches, one in October and one towards the end of March.Eva Nemeth

Tie in your plants

Tie in your sweet pea plants as they grow, using soft garden twine - plants with a strong support will grow stronger, with straighter stems.
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How to grow bugles | Alys Fowler | Life and style

Photograph: 11/Compulsory Credit: GAP Photos/J S Sira

I have fallen for a very ordinary sort of plant; the small woodlander, Ajuga reptans, or bugle.It’s a native that’s fond of damp forest floors, where it creates a dense carpet of small blue flowers that are delightful: not showy or spectacular, just rather lovely and flowering right through to early summer.